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About Castlegar

Mike's Story

People often ask us what “Castlegar” means; it’s not our founders name or place of his birth (although it is a lovely rural town in British Columbia), rather it was the solution to a minor business hurdle.

When Mike Betts was 18 he began his journey as an entrepreneur. When setting up his first business, the phone company saw this scrappy little “kid” and denied him a business phone line as the business was newly incorporated and “a kids credit would hardly suffice for the setup”. Rather than throwing in the towel he searched for a solution and found one in the from of Castlegar. Mike bought Castlegar, a sleepy inactive company, from a guy who knew a guy, and it’s “ten year history” satisfied the mighty phone company who then willingly complied with his request for a landline.

Castlegar quietly became synonymous with perseverance for Mike and he has lived by the credo of; Never give up, hurdles make your legs stronger and your jumps higher and “no” just gives you another opportunity to ask again ever since.



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